The Gallic Rooster Story

Effortlessly chic with a glow of airiness there is no question that French men and women have a desired sense of style that is emulated across the world. Mastering the secrets to style "à la Française" involves high quality, classic pieces put together with flawless attention to detail and worn with unshakable confidence.

Enter the Gallic Rooster, who aims to help men and women achieve this "je ne sais quoi" by reviving a design classic – We launched the brand in 2014 with a handmade, 100% wool beret, made in the Pyrenees for authentic Gallic style. What started as traditional headwear for shepherd‟s in the South of France in the nineteenth century, the beret soon found its way to the streets of Paris Fashion Week, topping the outfits of style icons Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich. Berets can now be seen gracing the coiffures of today‟s style icons Vanessa Paradis, Alexa Chung and Diane Kruger.

French-born, Sofie Moulin, founder of the Gallic Rooster says “My daughter is now wearing the beret I wore as I child and this inspired me to create pieces that can be passed down generations the same way we pass down our mother tongue, beauty rituals and secret family recipes to our children. We chose to have our berets handmade because we wanted to produce the iconic classic using traditional techniques in order to keep the heritage alive.  In 2012, the last remaining French beret factory faced bankruptcy, threatening the future of the authentic, traditionally made French beret. Had a French group not saved it in the same year, all threads to the beret‟s origins in the Basque country would have been unceremoniously cut. The "Made in France" label allows us to do this while supporting the last remaining beret factory in France”. 

Today, the adventure continues and the Gallic Rooster has now created a larger range of wardrobe's staples. Sofie is continuously working on new pieces constantly looking for high quality craftsmanship to offer you long-life pieces.... So stay tuned !